It’s been said, if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. While I believe there is truth in this statement, I don’t think it expresses the total worth of a career. To get a more complete statement, I would add the following: Your work is a great part of your life and the best way to be satisfied is to do something you believe is important. I can think of nothing more important than assisting others as they work with students of all ages and abilities so that they can reach their own educational goals.

I have always loved learning and have been fortunate to find a career that has enabled me personally to continue to learn and grow. I’ve been even more fortunate because I am able to share what I learn with hundreds of teachers in the San Antonio Independent School District.

I take great pleasure in finding solutions to the technical stumbling blocks that classroom teachers encounter and implementing solutions. My goal is to give teachers and administrators quick access to the tools they need to assist students promptly so that time on task with students is maximized.

I looking forward to continuing my own personal journey of learning and assisting others as they do the same.

Tamara Holcomb

Tamara Holcomb